Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cold Country
Is now making its way around the Film Festival Circuit!!

I am so honored that our little film that took only ten weeks from start to finish has done so well and has reached so many people.  Travis and I could not be more pleased on how everything turned out. I hope to keep everyone up to date on the festivals that it is apart of and any other  news regarding the film. So stay tuned!!!!

Please feel free to check out the film on Vimeo

Or visit my website where you can see some to the story boards, concepts and credits

Here is a list of the festivals that Cold Country has been apart of... Hopefully this will continue to grow!!

Roll Your Own

Northwest Animation Festival

Savannah Film Festival 2011

Savannah International Animation Festival 2012

SCAD - Atlantamation 2012

Cold Country was also show in the SCAD ANIMATE 2011 Show in Savannah GA.