Saturday, December 29, 2012

New film character

I still have a good bit to work on but I thought that I should at least post what I have been doing thus far. I am still reworking a few aspects of the character. I am currently working on the knife on her hip. I am reworking the original model and I will be posting a before and after pic of it soon.  I haven't added the displacement to the bodice and the bracers in this render but once I do all the detail in those areas really pop.  I reworked the model of the cloak to fix the inner penetration issues of the hood as well. I have been going back and forth on the look and feel of the cloak. I will also be posting some of the looks that I have come up with, hopefully by the end of this weekend.  I am also planning on redoing the belt as well so that it fits in with rest of her cloths and the period which I am trying to set the story in.

Let me know what you think....


Monday, December 17, 2012

New Character For My Short Film

Here is one of the characters to my new short film that I am working on. Actually its my old senior film that I created during my senior year at SCAD but it didnt turn out nearly as well as I want it to. However now I have the time to sit down and really think of all aspects of the film and really give the story the dedication that I have been wanting to give it for some time now. Also I am learning so much now that I am in the career field and I am itching to tryout a few new things that I have picked up so far. 

Now some of you might have seen this character before but for those of you would havent here she is.  The main model itself was created by a close friend of mine Travis Overstreet about a year ago. She looked a little different at that time, and no she didnt have hair then either hahaha. That is one of the many things that I will be working on over the coming weeks. I changed the cloak to be thin instead of the fur covered one that I had orinally had on her. The fur was just an added headache to get looking correctly and the time it took to render was nuts.  She originally had decorative flaps in the front and back of her dress but after careful consideration and knowing what a pain it will be in the future to turn everything into cloth I decided to leave the flaps off.  I will be making tiny tweaks to the model either adding or modify existing geo in order to make the character fit the world that she is from and I will be posting my progress as I go.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Check out this AWESOME reference site for Maya users

So once again I am back to work on my new film and I have been looking for new ways to improve my techniques with texturing /shading, lighting, etc. So after about an hour of digging around on the web I found this collection of links and information that someone has put together. Everything from animation to shader writing with Renderman can be found on this site.

If you are having a hard time figuring something out or even if you are looking for something new this site should be able to lead you in the right direction.  Look to the left of the screen and under the heading TOPICS you can find all you need.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cold Country
Won an
Platinum Pixie Award!!!!

Months ago a close friend of mine Mark Simon, the owner of Fizz City Films here in the Atlanta, submitted our little film into the Pixie Awards. Time passed and I had completely forgotten about it until this morning when I received an email from Mark with the exciting news. WE WON!!! Travis and I were awarded the highest honor for Cold Country by receiving a Platinum Pixie for our work. 

I will be getting more information on everything this week and I will defiantly be posting a picture of the award itself so stay tune! I just couldn't wait to share the good news!!

This is what the award looks like but instead of Gold ours will be Platinum