Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Character Update

New Knife

I know it has been a while since I have posted any new updates on my character but here is what I have been working on. At first I wanted to keep the original knife design but after a few considerations I decided to change the look of it.  There where a few factors that played into the changes that I made. First off I tired using the JSMulti Layers shader node by Jan Sandstrom and I realized that if I was to render it on any other machine besides my own it would not render correctly. So, I decided to rebuild the knife so that I could add multiple shaders of my own creation that could be rendered from any machine. The second reason that I changed the design was because even though I liked the look of the original knife I didnt think that it really fit with the character. Plus I wanted the knife to feel like a "real" knife the first one left me a little wanting.

I am pretty pleased with the way the new knife turned out but i might continue to work on the shader for the metal hilt later on down the line. But since you wont be seeing much of it up close in the film it might not truly matter.

New Knife

Old Knife

Side By Side Comparison

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